The Evolution of the Web

Web 1.0

  • static content/HTML

Web 2.0

  • users contribute to content(i.e. Blogs, YouTube)

Web 3.0

  • semantic web
  • personalization
  • search engines that learn from you
  • more structured information
  • sort information into major categories(blogs, images,articles)
  • integration with mobile devices, increase in micro-blogging.
  • taggable, searchable
  • increase in widgets
  • more AJAX

Web 4.0

  • What do you think will characterize Web 4.0? List your answer in the comment section below.

Sophie is, currently, a User Interface Engineer and has almost a decade of experience designing & implementing cross-browser websites/applications using the latest technologies. Sophie combines her technical expertise with experience in pedagogy to provide students with authentic learning experiences.

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