Unit (Start)Unit (End)Unit NameActivitiesHomework
February 7, 2011April 1, 2011Digital Citizenshipcybersafety presentionchoose topic
April 4, 2011May 27, 2011Excel Basicscreate shopping list for upcoming partygo to Shoprite from Home
May 30, 2011June 27, 2011Garagebandmake your own ABA songnone
June 20, 2011June 27, 2011End of Year Cleanupclean/organize filesnone
September 5, 2011September 19, 2011RulesDiscuss rules, procedures, expectationsReturn rule contract
September 19, 2011October 10, 2011Navigate Mac OS, File SetupPractice typing, Setup files/foldersReview Vocabulary
September 26, 2011Portfoilio Design 12thgrDiscussion about portfolio, collection of items for inclusionWrite 2 paragraphs about yourself
October 10, 2011November 7, 2011Sketchup: Puzzle Piecepractice line, rectangle, eraser, move/copy,rotate to make 1 piecenone
November 7, 2011December 26, 2011Sketchup: Surfaces & Formsexplore geom concepts, design housenone
January 3, 2012January 27, 2012PowerpointCreate Powerpoint

Class Handouts

Puzzle in SketchupCreate a puzzle from a picture then exchange with a classmate.Puzzle in Sketchup
Video on 2D puzzleCreate simple 2D puzzle
Puzzle Piece-My Videosketchup- my screencast
Simple house in google sketchup
Digital CitizenshipPowerPoint about cybersafety topic
Shopping Listsample shopping list


Site NameDescriptionLink
KidBlogdesigned for elementary and middle school, no student email addresses needed
Spentsocial justice game simulation that helps students understand the tough circumstances that so many face that have caused them to be homeless
MinyanLandvirtual world to learn about earning, saving, spending and giving
Eduifywriting tool; focus on citing sources, preventing plagiarism, store and sharing documents
Stencyldrag-n-drop interface to make games