Are You Making these Four Differentiated Instruction Mistakes?

Creating multiple assignments rather than multiple pathways.

  • By focusing on different supports rather than different assignments, you can better target students’ needs and give them the scaffolding they need to reach success.

Differentiating by learning style versus learning needs

  • earning needs constantly change and shift depending on students’ current content and procedural knowledge..

Differentiating by achievement level rather than by students’ current learning level.

  • groups students by their current understanding of the content and processes involved in a particular learning activity and then provides students with the targeted supports they need to successfully master that activity.

Differentiating up rather than down.

  • starting with the standard and figuring out what supports students will need to reach the standard.


Sophie is, currently, a User Interface Engineer and has almost a decade of experience designing & implementing cross-browser websites/applications using the latest technologies. Sophie combines her technical expertise with experience in pedagogy to provide students with authentic learning experiences.

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