Smartboard Template for the Wilson Reading Program LA SMART Notebook File found from Kristen Swanson
International Children’s Digital Library LA books in various languages
Math with Google Earth Math
Calculator Explanation Math A calculator which explains step by step how to solve math problems Math lessons, simulations on financial literacy
Videos about Cultural Customs SS help travelers learn the cultural norms of the places they plan to visit
A Technology Integration Matrix with Video Examples Teacher video examples of ed tech
Meetzi Teacher plan meeting purpose; set time limits items on agenda
HOTTS (Higher Order Thinking/Technology Skills) Teacher connecting blooms to Tech
Desmos Teacher create colorful interactive content/lessons
Article about Online Safety Tech main components – new media literacy and digital citizenship – are both protective and enabling.
Analyze Web Pages for Authority Tech analyze websites
Copyright School-Youtube Tech copyright explanation followed by questions
SearchCredible Tech combo of 26 search engines (ie, Google, WolframAlpha, Ebsco, etc)
Computer Lab Favorites Tech 50 activities by scholastic
Online Photo Editor Tech an excellent set of tools that rival many image editors with layer capabilities.