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Sophie is, currently, a User Interface Engineer and has almost a decade of experience designing & implementing cross-browser websites/applications using the latest technologies. Sophie combines her technical expertise with experience in pedagogy to provide students with authentic learning experiences.

Affecting One Student’s Life

As a teacher, I have evidence that my teaching had far more reaching effects on students than the subject itself. So I will depart with a final thought that I expect will alter the way you view your role: “As teachers, we inspire a difference in students’ lives, not only in their ability.”

Considering the Common Core Standards

I’m going through the concepts of the common core again. As I do this, I realize I had been implementing these ideas long before the standards came about: critical thinking, delving deeper into content, having the students explain the problem, read informational text, learn/use vocabulary, learn less material in greater depth.

So the questions is what “new” elements are the Common Core bringing?

A New Way of Thinking

Technology education should be about developing a way of thinking, taught as part of a broad, diverse curriculum


Introduction: This blog holds my thoughts, quotes & research that I have collected over the years.

New Language

While local educators are taking notice of text slang, they aren’t alarmed by its presence. “You tell them, ‘Look, there’s a context for everything....