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Considering the Common Core Standards

I’m going through the concepts of the common core again. As I do this, I realize I had been implementing these ideas long before the standards came about: critical thinking, delving deeper into content, having the students explain the problem, read informational text, learn/use vocabulary, learn less material in greater depth.

So the questions is what “new” elements are the Common Core bringing?


Introduction: This blog holds my thoughts, quotes & research that I have collected over the years.

An educator of the 21st century

Converts their classroom/life to Web 2.0. Bookmarks socially. Constantly reads RSS feeds from relevant blogs. Blogs and tweets about their experiences. Regularly, attends professional development conferences to further their knowledge. Embraces social networking to create a PLN for exchanging ideas.

Go after the “New Cheese”

As a part of our professional development our principal sent us the book, Who Moved My Cheese? . As soon as I read the title I thought what does this have to do with education. Giving in to to my curiosity, I opened the book and read the first page.

The Evolution of the Web

Web 1.0 static content/HTML Web 2.0 users contribute to content(i.e. Blogs, YouTube) Web 3.0 semantic web personalization search engines that learn from you more...