Substitute Plans

Notes for the Substitute

A. Student projects do not require the use of headphones or other equipment from the closet.
B. In spite of what the students might say, I do not give free time.
C. They are not allowed on you tube, miniclip, or any game site.
D. No student may change any settings on the computers.

Project Instructions

All classes should do Typing for 10 min on Ultrakey

Please continue with Sketchup projects:
1. Log on ⌘ K
2. Click on Students>Your name>TECH_10-11
open file “puzzle.skp”
The Sketchup icon will appear on the dock (that indicates the student is in the correct place).
3. Use the links above (Puzzle Piece & Four Piece Puzzle) to create your own.
4. Begin work immediately.
5. Make sure to Save: ⌘ S.

If finished create any variety of shapes or the item of your choice using Sketchup.
Note: Please keep it school appropriate.

Alternate Subplan

As per administration’s instructions, the alternate sub plan, used only as a last option, is below:
1. Open Safari
2. Go to

3. Click on Technology > Computers & Internet > Binary Numbers
4. Complete activity, graphic organizer, vocabulary.
5. Print to PDF. Save in folder
6. If finished early choose another activity on the site.

Additional Activities

Lego Digital Designer is always an option.