Go after the “New Cheese”

Who moved my Cheese?

As a part of our professional development our principal sent us the book, Who Moved My Cheese? . As soon as I read the title, I thought how does “cheese” relate to education. Giving in to to my curiosity, I opened the book and read the first page. My mother, who sat next to me at the time, wondered what I was reading. Eager to share the passage I read, with her, I began to read out loud. An hour and a half later, with a parched tongue I looked at my mother and said “I’m like Sniff because I sniff out changes and “update [the] corporate vision” (p.85). This expanded into a discussion about what “cheese” is and how the characters teach you to deal with change.

After further reflection, this story reminded me of the Greek poem “The Road to Ithaca by Constantine P. Cavafys” that emphasizes how important it is to enjoy the “beautiful voyage” and not hasten to arrive to your destination.

So I encourage you to “move with the cheese” and enjoy the ride.


Sophie is, currently, a User Interface Engineer and has almost a decade of experience designing & implementing cross-browser websites/applications using the latest technologies. Sophie combines her technical expertise with experience in pedagogy to provide students with authentic learning experiences.

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