A. Technology Operations and Concepts

A. Technology Operations and Concepts

The use of technology and digital tools requires knowledge and appropriate use of operations and related applications.

Production Tools used by Students:

  • Word processing
  • Database
  • Spreadsheet
  • Draw/paint/ graphics
  • Presentation
  • Authoring
  • Concept mapping
  • Planning (e.g., MS Project)
  • Process tools (e.g., Author’s Toolkit ®)


Keyboarding (8.1.4.A.1)

Like anything else in life it takes practice to acheive a faster typing speed. It is recommended that each student work on typing 10 minutes per day. As a result, this will be homework for each night.

Word (8.1.4.A.2, 8.1.8.A.1, 8.1.12.A.2 )

  • Design a newsletter about your favorite topic.
  • Design a flyer for a party.
  • Write and format a business letter to a CEO explaining your view on a global issue.
  • Design a mulit-page book or short magazine using AI or Comic Life.

Excel (8.1.4.A.4, 8.1.8.A.4, 8.1.12.A.1 )

  • Record the temperature each day for a week then enter in Excel.
    • Which day was the coldest? hottest?

PowerPoint (8.1.4.A.3, 8.1.8.A.4, 8.1.12.A.4 )

  • Design a presentation about you and your life with photos/clipart.
  • Design a presentation that connects with a health topic with sounds, images and animation.

Database (8.1.8.A.2)

  • Construct a database of your music or movie collection.

Lifelong Learning (8.1.12.A.3)

Online Courses

Learning Communities

Social Networks

Virtual Worlds

Grades 3-4

8.1.4.A.1 Demonstrate effective input of text and data using an input device.
8.1.4.A.2 Create a document with text formatting and graphics using a word processing program.
8.1.4.A.3 Create and present a multimedia presentation that includes graphics.
8.1.4.A.4 Create a simple spreadsheet, enter data, and interpret the information.
8.1.4.A.5 Determine the benefits of a wide range of digital tools by using them to solve problems.

Grades 5-8

8.1.8.A.1 Create professional documents (e.g., newsletter, personalized learning plan, business letter or flyer) using advanced features of a word processing program.
8.1.8.A.2 Plan and create a simple database, define fields, input data, and produce a report using sort and query. 8.1.8.A.3 Create a multimedia presentation including sound and images.
8.1.8.A.4 Generate a spreadsheet to calculate, graph, and present information.
8.1.8.A.5 Select and use appropriate tools and digital resources to accomplish a variety of tasks and to solve

Grades 9-12

8.1.12.A.1 Construct a spreadsheet, enter data, and use mathematical or logical functions to manipulate data, generate charts and graphs, and interpret the results.
8.1.12.A.2 Produce and edit a multi-page document for a commercial or professional audience using desktop publishing and/or graphics software.
8.1.12.A.3 Participate in online courses, learning communities, social networks, or virtual worlds and recognize them as resources for lifelong learning.
8.1.12.A.4 Create a personalized digital portfolio that contains a résumé, exemplary projects, and activities, which together reflect personal and academic interests, achievements, and career aspirations.