G. The Designed World

The designed world is the product of a design process that provides the means to convert resources into products and systems.
Grade 3-4

8.2.4.G.1      Examine a malfunctioning tool and use a step-by-step process to troubleshoot and present options to repair the product.
8.2.4.G.2      Explain the functions of a system and subsystems.
8.2.4.G.3     Evaluate the function, value, and esthetics of a technological product, system, or environment from the perspective of the user and the producer.

Grade 6-8

8.2.8.G.1      Explain why human-designed systems, products, and environments need to be constantly monitored, maintained, and improved.
8.2.8.G.2     Explain the interdependence of a subsystem that operates as part of a system.

Grade 9-12

8.2.12.G.1      Analyze the interactions among various technologies and collaborate to create a product or system demonstrating their interactivity.