F. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision-Making

Information accessed through the use of digital tools assists in generating solutions and making decisions.

What is a blog?

Blog stands for web log – a log / journal of events published on the world wide web, usually kept by an individual


  • Why do people keep blogs?
  • What purpose might blogs have?
  • Who reads blogs?
  • Research other people’s blogs, non-fiction and fiction
  • Which appeals to you and why?
  • Which would you like to write?

Support a scientific finding

Current event or contemporary figure

Specialized databases

Capabilities and limitations of current technology

Grade 3-4

8.1.4.F.1 Select and apply digital tools to collect, organize, and analyze data that support a scientific finding.

Grade 5-8

8.1.8.F.1 Use an electronic authoring tool in collaboration with learners from other countries to evaluate and summarize the perspectives of other cultures about a current event or contemporary figure.

Grade 9-12

8.1.12.F.1 Select and use specialized databases for advanced research to solve real-world problems.
8.1.12.F.2 Analyze the capabilities and limitations of current and emerging technology resources and assess their potential to address educational, career, personal, and social needs.