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On YouTube, “you can get a whole story in six minutes,” he explains. “A book takes so long. I prefer the immediate gratification.

Unchecked use of digital devices, he says, can create a culture in which students are addicted to the virtual world and lost in it.

Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction –

How Learning Should Be

“This is how learning should be,” she said. “It should be active, it should be engaging. It should use a variety of modalities. That’s how we all learn.” Education Week: Schools Integrate Dance Into Core Academics

How many words per minute (wpm) can you type?

How many words per minute (wpm) can you type?

The average rate for transcription was 33 words per minute, and only 19 words per minute for composition. In the same study, when the group was divided into groups: “fast”40 wpm “moderate”35 wpm “slow”23 wpm Words per minute – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia